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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 007  Benny Moeller Jensen
DENMARK ~  Hjoerring


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

The old cityhall on Axelsquare in the City of Hjoerring. The City hall is still used for weddings and when the town council has their meetings, there are no administration in the building anymore. In the evening clubs and societies can rent a meeting room for free for their meetings.
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My garden is located at Lat.  57n28  longitude 9e59, 40 m. above sea level, 15-20 km from the north sea coastline - Minimum temp at night - 21C (-6F), (but in the last years it has been quite warm, and very wet 1177 mm (47 inches) in 1999!!!!), annual precipitation normally 600 to 800 mm (23 to 26 inches). Normally minimum temperatures in winter are -15C to -18C during the night, and 0 to -10C during the daytime. First frost normally in late September or early October (last year no frost until December, this was the first time in 129 years!!), last frost normally in late April early May, but there has been frost measured in every month of the year (very rare in July (last time was July 2nd.1992 -0,4C) and August (more than 50 years ago I think).



North-East view View west-north-west

Cactus beds July 01 2003 Cactus in small greenhouse
August 18 2003: The test plants just repotted and planted in a bed
Now I have photographed the three new plants for you, as you can see on the attached files. The single plant of Pediocactus bradyi ssp. despainii is planted in a bed in the garden which is protected against winter moisture. The two potted plants will be stood on the tables in an unheated greenhouse and they will not be watered from October 2003 to March 21st. 2004.I look forward to hear about all the others plants in the spring, it's really a very good idea you have started this test.


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