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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 014   Carlos Jimenez
Valencia ( Spain ) Valencia


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

Quart Towers, very close to where I keep my collection
I live in Valencia, Spain, on the NE coast of Spain.
Latitude is 39º 28' 54'' North and longitude is 0º 23' 35'' West.
Altitude ranges from 0 to 30 m over sea level.

The climate here stands in the Upper Thermo Mediterranean and Lower Sub humid horizons (According to Rivas Martínez, 2001).
The yearly average temp was 19.2ºC in 2001. The yearly maximum average temp was 23.8ºC and the yearly minimum average temp was 14.5ºC in the same year. We got 499.3 mm of rain, and the average rain between 1961 and 1990 is 463.6 mm. Rain here occurs mostly in autumn (September-October) and to a lesser extent in spring (march to may). It is typical of the Mediterranean climate to have a dry summer period, from June to September, where it rains very little or nothing at all, with temperatures that can surpass 40ºC. During the winter it is not unusual to have another dry spot, yet shorter (up to 30-40 days or so), between November and march, though it usually falls a variable amount of rain during these months. Temperatures only fall below 0º in Valencia every 10-15 years, when polar winds from Siberia reach the Iberian Peninsula. In a normal winter we hardly ever get below +2ºC.


Some of my
Turbinicarpus, Melocactus, and Frailea
The test plants in their new home

January 06 2004
Hello, Valentino,
 I send the pictures of the two plants that should stay outdoors.
At the moment the minimum temp. has been of about 4º,  but these days it is starting to get colder.
Greetings and happy  2004,  Carlos



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