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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 019   Eric
Wisconsin ( U.S.A.) ~ Madison


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

Window sight

There is a squirrel drinking water outside the window.
Site http://www.angelfire.com/id/thunderblast
see also my "winter test" page with more pics & info:
E-mail sie4129@hotmail.com
I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
It's a USDA zone 5 (or -20 C min). We are famous of having cold, harsh, extended, below-freezing temperature during winter. Not to mention about the wind and the amount of snow we get every year. I have a passion for exotic plants, especially cacti and succulents. I grow them all over my window sill and under fluorescence light. (I have place to put them outside as well.) My plants are healthy and give beautiful flowers at different times of the year.


My plants
Yucca outside. It is a cold hardy yucca. (It is about 30 years old. And it gave beautiful blossoms this summer too.)
The test plants in their new home

September 01 2003
The cacti are here! Thank you so very much. They're lovely. Some of them are 'top heavy' and need some bamboo sticks for support. Once they're familiar with the new environment, I'll put them outside according to the instruction on your website.

November 04 2003 ...The test plants are still alive and healthy as of now! I have been taking care of them more carefully than any other of my own cacti. They have survived the low temp of 28 F in October. I actually planted them outside in the ground. I made sand mound so they stay up high and dry. I built a shelter made of a clear plastic saucer that allows sunlight to pass thru but prevents cacti from direct rainfalls. (I have mentioned it in a written report as well.)  It seemed to work great. We have quite an unexpectedly wet Fall season. The rainfalls in Nov already set a new record of 2.2". (Temp tonight is around 39F.) The rain has been continuously pouring down since Saturday night (Nov 1) and it will continue until at least tomorrow (Nov 4) evening. I don't know if I should dig them up and put them in the pot until the rain's gone. Or should I leave it outside on the sand mound like this? They are relatively dry in comparison to the area around it.   Eric




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