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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 012   Exotic Garden of Roscoff Jean-Michel Moullec
FRANCE ~ Roscoff (Bretagne)


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

 View of the of Roscoff port (the old port).

The rock where I intend to put a part of the plants and...
Site http://www.jardinexotiqueroscoff.com
E-mail jm.moullec@wanadoo.fr
Jardin Exotique BP 54 29680 Roscoff France  

Roscoff is a port of the North of Brittany that permits to go to United Kingdom (Plymouth). The exotic garden is situated close to the new port. Altitude: sea level.
In our garden we grow outdoors in Atlantic climate with winter rain, many plants and cacti : Opuntias, Trichocereus, Parodia (Notocactus) leninghausii. This year I test Echinocereus engelmanii var nicholii, Corryocactus melanotrichus, Pachycereus pringlei. For me, I will test your plant outdoors in our big rock.



A photo taken from the top of the rock. Cereus forbesii
August 23 2003: The test plants just planted in the rockery
1 2
  1. view of the first Pediocactus planted in Roc3 (entirely redone in the month of August); N 3093 (number of collection)

  2. View of the Roc3 zone almost finished (it remains the details to finish)

  3. The other cactus are planted in a faille of the rock safe from the cold winds and in a very draining mixture. (The Sclerocactus n of collection 3094)

  4. Over of them, there is a Neobuxbaumia polyphylla, an Echinopsis sp, a Notocactus leninghaussi, a Cleistocactus straussii, an Opuntia sp (very very big) and an Opuntia leucotricha (very old plant that forms a tree), and a Pachycereus pringlei.





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