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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 020  Fabian Vincentiu Vanghele
ROMANIA ~ Bucharest


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

The History Museum of Bucharest
Site http://domino.kappa.ro/PaginiPersonale/hardy-cacti.nsf/AllEng/Home
E-mail fabian2000@k.ro 
Hello! I am Fabian Vincentiu Vanghele from Bucharest, Romania. I am an ecologist, 30 years, very interested in testing the hardiness of cacti and I had some nice surprises after total exposure : Coryphantha vivipara and Opuntia basilaris. Of course there was bad ones too this winter...
   Bucharest has a temperate continental climate; extremes:-35C/42C; 560mm; 200 frost-free days; averages: July 23C, January -3C. I want to specify: last years the temperatures were much higher in summer (warmer months to 28C average) and lower in winter, but the most important aspect is the dryness: I suppose barely an average of 300mm for the period 2000-2003; I am afraid that my supposition is too optimistic and is very possible a lower value.
  Last years winter minima:1995 -24C; 1996 -28C; 1997 -24C; 1998 -22C; 1999 -10C; 2000 -17C; 2001 -20C; 2002 -26C.
  My collection includes many Opuntias, Escobaria and Echinocereus (but no Sclero and Pedio) and few others, as well some Crassulaceae and Portulacaceae.

One of the Pedio. despainii will be kept in a closed balcony with light freezing sometimes, near Gymno, Thelo, Echinocactus and others. The 2 other plants will over winter near Bucharest in a cactus garden.
a part of my collectionn (kind of disaster, winter damaged, cuttings, under reconstruction...
The test plants

August 30 2003 Here are the pictures for my participant card. A week ago when the pictures were taken they were still decolorated at top, but now they face full sun and are green again and new beautiful Sclero spines are emerging!

      May 09 2004 Dear Valentino,  I have now all the data about the plants I sent in the different zones in Romania. I managed to sent plants for test in the next locations and there
are the minima for each this winter. I think that we had some of the lowest temps for that test, even Romania is not Scandinavia.
  •  Fieni:-23C, perfect.
  •  Bucuresti:-15C, perfect.
  •  Butimanu:-16C, perfect.
  • Cernica:-16, perfect, but a cat/dog broke the Sclero off the Opuntia.Still no roots after 2 months...
  •  Tulcea:-14, perfect.
  •  Aref:-23.

The person I gave the plants for that location take too
seriously the indication "no water until it warms" and the Opuntia were
dead when I received back. Each plant has a small portion of Opuntia still
alive and I managed to root them again, so the grafting stock is now
reduced to a hardy root only. I think that the Sclero/Pedio found the
Spring temps warm enough (even in that location) to wake, but without
water, the still dormant Opuntia was literally sucked!
I will send you later the pictures.              All the best!                           Fabian





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