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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 015   Kari Syrjanen
Italy ~ San Felice Circeo ( Latina )


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

An aspect of the natural environment of the circeo: the dune landscape
E-mail kosmos86@everyday.com
I am an impassioned and collector of succulents for about 4 years, and mine is, for now, a modest collection (around 100 different kinds of plants, without counting double and scions) that I cultivate in a very sunny porch exposed to south-west and in garden in full sun.
I live in St. Felice Circeo in the province of Latin, in the open country, to an altitude that is on the level of the sea or a little bottom of it (thinking about the fact that my zone, around 70 years ago was a swamp).
The least temperatures rarely go down of some degree under the zero, la lowest that have been able to record it was - 6C last winter. The maximum temperature range around the +33C e + 37C.
The climate is typically Mediterranean, the summers are warm e ,sometime , dry with scarce precipitations, winters are mild, and in in this season the perturbations are more common with rains and rare hailstorms.
I live in the country in the proximities of this part of national park: a semi-deciduous oak-grove of evergreen oak (Quercus ilex), cork-tree (Quercus suber) and oak (Quercus robur).
Part of my collection
 The test plants in their new home


August 08 2003:I re-potted them a few hours after the arrival, I used a compost  with 40% of pozzolana, 20% of peat and leaf soil mixed e 40% of gravel, putting on the fund a layer of breach and covering the surface of the ground with a layer of gravel for aesthetic and to avoid that the watering take off or moves the soil, I hope that it is all right.
After re-potting  I slightly vaporized them and I gently removed, with a wad of cotton wool the dust patina that was formed on the surface.
It seems that they appreciated the treatment , but it is an unconscious impression of mine. I not put them exposed to direct sun light, they are in a very bright zone, when, in three or four days, I will water them, Ill move them to the sun. Could you tell me if I take the risk to burn them, are they accustomed to the direct sun light or do I have to educate them? They actually grow in full sun and in a few days time you can expose them to direct sun light (Valentino)

December 30 2003
since a few weeks a black stain has appeared on the wound healed of the stock near to the point of connection and the same "scar" (I don't know whether to call it) it is closed on itself, the plant (in the greenhouse) is kept dry since October, made exception for rare vaporizations and doesn't show any parasite, the stock is a little wrinkled as however - the other Opuntias in pots, and I believe is normal. I don't let me try in to water it. I take other risks considering that it is cold, . I have seen others my plants and there is also trace on black stains that however touching them they go away.
The others two are outdoors to the cold and they are very well only a little wrinkled.




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