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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 009   Luciano
ITALIA ~ Bergamo ( province  )


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

“La Rocca” (The Fortress), one of the principal monuments of the city.
Site http://space.tin.it/clubnet/ifwbntam
E-mail gymno@virgilio.it
I live and cultivate my plants in Bergamo province (9°45'20"E - 45°31'7"N - Altitude 120m), in the country that lies at the foot of the chief town of province.
The winter min temp rarely reach -5°C and the summer warmest overcome the 35°C. The zone is decidedly a little ventilated and the precipitations oscillate among 650-1100 mm/year. The fog days average is 40 a year while atmospheric relative damp has oscillated since 64% to 94%.
A typical "Fontanile" (fountain) of Bergamo country, few away from where I hold the plants.
Part of my collection, protected by a net for the sun and the hail.
The tests plants

August 27 2003, The test plants just repotted: By the way, what are those violet dots that are visible (also in my photo) on the tubercles of the Sclerocactus?  

* They are "Nectaries" ("nectar gland")

August 2005:  The pediocactus  has started to branch near the apex, while the Pedio has dichotomised.






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