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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 008 Paolo Conti
ITALIA ~ Bologna


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

Site http://www.pbase.com/spike1955
E-mail spyke55@libero.it
I am impassioned of succulents from a little time of 1 year and I got around 250 species. I keep them in the terrace from Mar/Apr to Nov/Dic. and n the coldest months in garage or in my home. Following the min and max ones noticed by a meteorological  observatory post a few km. from my house in 2002:
Min. absolute - 8,9 January - Max absolute + 36 June - Total precipitations 876 mms.  Raining days with precipitations up to 1 mm. n. 95 - Relative Humidity averages: min 61%; max 84%
Bologna N: 44 31' 27"; E: 11 19' 5"; Altitude 54 m. s - USDA 8
Pachypodium and sight of the tree in the co-owner garden
Paolo's mix
August 05 2003: The test plants just repotted

I attach you the photos of the plants that you have sent me (taken two days after their receipt)
I have waited that plants recover their strength back (they was a little dehydrated for the hot climate, And I was wondering me if the Opuntia could support the Pedios as they was bowed), but now, as you can see, they are very well.





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