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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 003    Razvan Diaconescu
Romania ~ Targoviste (70 km nord of Bucharest)


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

Church Mitropolia of Targoviste
Site http://albums.photo.epson.com/j/AlbumList?u=4118219 
E-mail rodiara2001@yahoo.com
I'm 37 years old ... I love all succulents. I have about 300 sp. of cacti and 150 of other suc. I have a greenhouse (close balcony) and a little garden where I grow some hardy Opuntias and Crassulacee (Sempervivum, Sedum).

Targoviste, Romania, latitude 44.56 N, longitude 25.26 E , 263 m up to sea level.
Total rainfall: 500-600 mm/year (min. in February, max. in June-July); average temperatures: January -3C, July 22C; Absolute temperatures: -29C and 40C. Normally temperatures in winter are -15C to +5 during the night, and -8 to +15C during the daytime. Over 200 frost-free days. Normally temperatures in summer are +15 to +25 during the night and +25 to +35 during the daytime. First frost normally October and last frost late March or early April
Hardy bed
Cactus collection
The test plants in their new home

August 29 2003 Plants arrived in 22 august. This is the pictures of the plants in hardy bed taket today 29 August.

3* This is the picture of 3-rd plant. I keep this Pedio near other plants in the greenhouse.

December 21 2003 Hi Valentino,
This is updates pictures of the winter test plants
 The outside Pedio suffered some injury from a rodent (mouse ?!).

<Pedio   ^Sclero
February 13 2004 Hi Valentino.
After +18 C a week ago , winter come back and
temperature drop to - 4 C in the day and -15 C in the
night  with 25 cm of snow.  
Best regards, Razvan
May 06 2004 Hi Valentino,
This is the pictures of the plants in the 5 may 2004.
I cut one of the Pedio after last autumn rodent (or
snail) attack.  I hope will be regenerate. The other
two plants start growing few weeks ago.  Sorry but no flowers, maybe next year. Minimum temperature this winter  -15 C  Celsius (February 13). Maximum +18 (February 7). Best regards, Razvan




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