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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 005   Stefan Spang
SWEDEN ~ Borlange (250 km north of Stockholm)


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

my town from a webcam
E-mail spang@dalnet.se
My name is Stefan and i live in sweden, about 800km up in the country. Our town is Lat. 60,3 N, Long. 15,3 E, 170 m over sea level. We usually get snow from October to April and frost nights normally from late sep to early June. Some years min temp is down to -35 and warmest in summer is abit over + 30. I'm also going to try and keep some different Opuntia in the unheated greenhouse this winter. I'm currently building up my collection which now contains ca: 125 different Cactus, Aloe and Agave + i have more than 500 hundred 7 months
my greenhouse
some of my cacti
 The test plants in their new home

August 09 2003:...I repotted them the same day as the package arrived, they were a bit dehydrated so the Opuntia pads couldn't handle the weight of the sclero and Pedio. But after a few days they are now looking strong again. Think the package was on the way for 5 days....

A picture of the plants along with one of my Ferrocactuses

August 12  2004 One year later....Hello Valentino. I want to let you know both the cactuses that was in a cold greenhouse survived the winter ok, no flowers this year though. We had a long and cold spring as well. Unfortunately the one Pedio that was outside,  with rain protection died, it looked more like it was the Opuntia graft that died first, but I'm not sure. Anyway, i have both the surviving plants permanently planted in my new greenhouse for the coming winter, were I made a hardy bed for a lot of species to try, last winter i had several Opuntia species in the cold house including the Compressa i bought from you that survived. The temperature low was -25 C. Thanks again for letting me participate!




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