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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 006    Stefano Rocca
ITALY ~ Sassari (North Sardinia)


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

Piazza Italia (Italia square) - Sassari
E-mail steroch@tiscali.it 
The place where I live it is practically on the sea level (Lat.: 40° 46' 7 '' N; long.: 8° 29' 27 '') a few kilometres from the beach of Platamona in the gulf of the Asinara.
The climate is mild up to the months of October, toward November it begins to be cold and the coldest months in absolute are December, January and February where the max temp are attested to 10°-13 °s and the min temp can also go down under the 0 in the first hours of the morning. By March it begins to be warm and the temperatures are attested around the 22° the max and 4°-7° the min ones, in the summer months the max oscillate around the 32° - 35° and the min 15° - 18°.
Rain IS scarce in the summer months while in the winter months the rains are abundant but few frequent. I love Copiapoa, Gymnocalycium and  Ariocarpus
Local landscape
My greenhouse with some plants in full sun
The tests plants in theyr new home

August 06 2003:
Hi Valentino,  I sent you the photos of the plants, initially they were tilted but now it seems that the Opuntia has begun to work and they are again straightened.
The soil I used it is formed by:

1 part of universal soil,
1 part of big sand,
1 part of lava (volcanic rock),
1 part of garden soil,
1 part of ground granite

September 28 2003: One Opuntia stock died
Dear Valentino, unfortunately a P.despainii stock base (the one I destined to remain sheltered in the greenhouse, irony of the fate) suffered an inexplicable hard attack of rottenness. I carefully checked it and rottenness was already notching the scion, so of my initiative I detached it and re-grafted it on  Myrtillocactus (not having Opuntia compressa) I send you the photo of the  plant regrafted. The graft seems well succeeded and the Pediocactus has  started to vegetate….
February 10 2004
Hi Valentino, I send you a short update about the test: The two outdoors are very well and as you can see P. despainii has started to enlarge the flowers buds.
The winter here in Sardinia has been quite clement and, apart a few days of cold in January, the minimum temperatures never lowest under the 0° C.





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