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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 001     Valentino Vallicelli
ITALIA ~ San Giovanni in Persiceto (Bologna)


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

San Giovanni in persiceto -  San Francesco church
Site http://www.cactus-art.biz
E-mail valentino_vallicelli@yahoo.it

San Giovanni in Persiceto - USDA zone 8b - 
21 m. altitude over sea level.

Latitude - longitude and climate information will soon be published.....




My home and greenhouse in the big Po Valley
Opuntia in outdoor in my garden
The test Plants

First flovers bud
Winter test plants in outdoors
The mini rock garden
September 05 2003

First flower's buds on the wooly top of my Pediocactus despainii in the green house!

The mini rock garden with the test plants in outdoors.

Sclerocactus glaucus SB 1749
Sclerocactus glaucus
Pediocactus despainii SB 1014 Novemeber 2003 the flovers bud
Pediocactus buds
Pediocactus despainii SB 1014 group
Pediocactus group
November 29 2003

The test plants looks very fine, here the climate has been very rainy and foggy. Finally a sunny day good to take some picture of the test plants.  

The test "field" outdoors without any protection

The winter test plants

January 26 2004
In  Italy
it is snowing a lot everywhere, but here we have had only little snow and frost. This are the photos of the test “rock garden” and of  Pediocactus partially covered by frosted snow. Now temp is -5° C. (the minimum temp was  -9° C  in December)
    January 27 2004

The snow has arrived! The "terra cotta" pot with the test plans is now covered by 15cm of snow.

Pediocactus despainii very wet after two weeks of daily rain
Outdoors after two weeks of daily rain.
Still dormant.
February 2004 Green house: flowers buds are developing
In the greenhouse the flowers are enlarging very fast.
  February 24 2004 The wheatear is very wet, here it rains almost every day, but plants outdoors are still dormant.  I start watering the plants in the greenhouse at the beginning of February, in only three weeks Pediocactus doubled their size, they are not  so compact and natural looking as the plants in exterior and flowers are enlarging very fast.

Smelting snow

Brown spots at tubercles base

Healthy plants in a windy place

March 03 2004 In the past week we have had a lot of snow, now the snow has almost completely smelt. The Pediocactus show some brown spot on the bottom of tubercles and on the flower buds (an identical instance was previously signalled by Yannick in Slovenia).
But some other  pediocactus I placed in a more windy (and cold) place are instead very healthy. This plants
love wind!!!

  March 18 2004 The plants in the greenhouse are starting blooming, The one outdoors are still in dormancy:
    April 21 2004
The Pediocactus in the garden outdoors are blooming, they are really beautiful!
The flowers of the plants in the garden are of an intense tone and of a  best shape if compared with the one in the greenhouse.
May 23 2004 The new spines of Slerocactus glaucus in outdoor are really strong and colorfull!!!
Sclerocactus April 2005 April 2005 the Pediocactus produced lot of  flowers (minimum winter temperature  -12° C  ) We have had some problems due to the snails that eat the flowers bud of the Sclerocactus glaucus and damaged the stems of pediocactuses.


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