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Seta (Plural Setae)   [ Botany]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonym: Hair, Bristle,Trichome
Adjective: Setiferous, Setaceous, Setate, Setigerous, Setiform
  An external bristle or bristle like structure, process or part of an organism.  
This over-used anatomical term is simply Latin for a bristle or a stiff hair, usually the term seta indicate a slender, bristle-like flexible outgrowth of body or appendage developed as extensions of the epidermal layer; commonly known as hairs; But is used in a variety of contexts, not only for things that look like bristles, but also for things like the stalk of the sporophyte in mosses, which looks nothing like a bristle (or, for that matter, a stiff hair).

For example the term setae indicate the bristle-like, fine spines in the areoles of most Opuntia ( usually borne in loose clusters or close-set pads) thought they are not the same as the glochids also located in the areoles of opuntiads.

Derived frorms:
  • Setate:  Having or bearing seta.
  • Setiferous, setaceous or Setigerous:  Producing or having setae, bristle-like.
  • Setiform: Seta-shaped; hairlike.







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