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Spots     Morphology  ]
Synonym: Maculation, Punctation

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A small contrasting area or visible point of different colour from the main part upon which it is displayed as, the spots of a leopard.  
Spots  Phytopathology  ]
  A symptom of disease characterized by a limited necrotic or discoloured area, as on leaves, flowers, and stems.  
A "spot" is a general term used to indicate a relatively small, distinct lesion, with well-definite borders due to any of a variety of disease-causing organisms like Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi.

Most times, we indicate the plant organ affected when describing a plant disease symptom. For example, if the spot is on leaves, it is called a "leaf spot". If the spots are on fruit, it is naturally a "fruit spot".

For example:
Spot     Gardening  ]
  A garden spot is well-defined areas of a garden similar to a bed, but generally including more than one perennial plant type and often flanked by larger plants or walls.  
Spotted [ BotanyMorphology ]
Synonym: Punctate, Dotted, Maculated
  A general term used to describe a spotted surface marked with dots,  tiny spots,  holes, dents, pores, depressions, gland or translucent spots  







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