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Strain  [ Botany - Biology - Genetics ]
Synonym: Breed - Lineage

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Biology: A strain is a genetic variant within a species, an inbred line of a higher organism.
  Microbiology: A strain is a group or stock of a genetic variant or subtype of a microorganisms (virus or bacterium) made up of descendents of a single isolation in a pure culture.
  Botany:  A strain or breed is a group of domesticated plants with similar (but not identical) appearance and/or properties that differ in trivial ways from similar groups and has more or less uniform characteristics.  
Sometimes incorrectly used as a synonym for variety. Strains are similar to groups.
A strain is a selection of non-clonal individuals of a variety, form, or species which is raised from seed, (compare whit: Cultivar) that has been bred by one person or firm for some time.
Strain  [ Physiology ]
  An irreversible condition beyond stress in which plant mortality occurs.
(Compare with: Stress)







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