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Tender (plant)  Horticulture ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

 Synonym: Cold susceptible, Vulnerable to low temperatures,
  In the horticultural sense describes a plant easily damaged or killed by even the lightest of winter frosts. Most evident would be tropical plants stretched to a cooler zone.  
The term tender (cold susceptible) can be used to describe any plant that will suffer from cold temperatures, even a light frost. These plants generally come from tropical or sub-tropical regions and need special care when planted out of their native . This plants cannot survive outside during the winter when temperatures drop below 4C, and must be overwintered inside before the first killing frost. In the north country this can be anytime from mid-September to October. Tender plants are suited for indoor and requires a minimum temperature of 10-15C although some of they may tolerate occasional short exposure to below this level. So, it's also vital to wait until the last frost date for your area before to move them outdoors.







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