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Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonym: Type designation Abbreviation: Type. Des. (Typedes)
  • Determination of the type of a taxon.
  • Any reference to the author statement and place of publication of a type designation.
Although in reality biologists may examine many specimens (if available) of the new species in coming up with a written species description, under the formal rules for naming species, a type specimen must be designated. The type description then describes the type specimen.

Type specimen: The single specimen on which the first published description of that species is based, considered to be the best available example of that species' morphology. It is an important specimen and is used for all later reference to that particular species. Several modifying terms may be applied to the type designation. For example, the holotype is the original specimen used to as the type of the new species, and a neotype is a new type that may be designated if the holotype has been lost.

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