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Xerophytes  [ Botany - Ecology ]
Synonym:  Xerophilous Plant
Also:  Drought Resistant plant)

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A xerophyte is a plant that is adapted to arid or dry  habitats, in which water may be present but physiologically unavailable, like deserts, alpine, tundra, saline habitats and the aerial emergent level of the rainforest (epiphytes).  

Succulents, bromeliads and cacti are xerophytes. Their adaptations include small or absent leaves, small, sunken stomata, and thick cuticles for transpiration reduction photosynthetic efficiency.
(Compare with hydrophytes, mesophytes, halophytes and xerohalophytes).

Xerophytes include:
1. Desert annuals
2. Deciduous perennials;
3. Geophytes (bulbs, rhizomes)





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