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Stolon [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

A creeping stem or branch that grows horizontally above or under the surface of the soil, often rooting at the nodes from which erect branches grows; a method of plant vegetative propagation.

A stolon is a specialized lateral stem with long internodes from the base of a plant, that travel horizontally along or just below the ground surface with the ability to produce adventitious roots and new offshoots of the same plant at the tip. Stolons are usually short living. The complex formed by a mother plant and all it's offshoot connected by stolons are considered to form a single individual. A stolon is a vegetative propagation strategy akin to a rhizome. It is also a type of vegetative reproduction in which an arching branch of a shrub takes root when it comes into contact with the soil. (adj. stoloniferous).
Compare with:  rhizome and runner.






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