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Undescribed  [ Taxonomy  ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A formerly discovered and known biological taxon without any valid published scientific description yet.  
The term undescribed relate to a taxonomic entity which is not a valid scientifically recognized species, subspecies (including plant varieties), or a discrete population or form of a species or subspecies.
Many species are still undescribed and known only by means of material or information of dubious standing. However, if a previously undescribed taxon has had a description prepared for it and that description has passed through a scientific peer review process, the taxon will be considered described. However many undescribed taxa still remain in collections, and these will be possible described later.

The term aff. (affinis) is frequently used to identify a taxon having affinity with, but distinct from, the named taxon; usually applied to a taxon believed to be undescribed.







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