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Vegetative resumption   [ Botany -Physiology ]
Synonym: Resumption of growth

Dictionary of botanic terminology
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  The phase in which a plant  or plant organ begins again to grow actively after a time of arrested development. The breaking of a dormancy.  
[From Latin “resumption-“ past participle of "resumere" = recovery ]
The resumption of growth (or vegetative resumption) is the phase when a plant or other vegetative part ( budseed or other structure) recommence to grow after a period of dormancy.

For example the resumption of active growth by perennials in spring after the winter rest, the starting of germination of a dormant seed after a time of arrested embryonic development,  the growing of new shoot apices and adventitious buds or the resumption of growth after transplantation.

The induction of a vegetative resumption subsequent to a stationary-phase is a physiological response depending by the interaction of several external and internal factors.
Among the external factors the most important are temperatures, rains, photoperiod and nutrients availability.
The internal factors include:
Genetic make up (activation of genes preferentially expressed in growing shoot apices)
Biochemical changes (e.g. Carbohydrates and stored nutrients availability, enzymes activities, etc.)
• Loss of inhibition (abscisic acid) and greater availability than before of growth factors ( e.g. gibberellins, auxins and cytokinins )







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