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Your plants (photos from collectors and friends)
By Luciana Dell'Amico

Italy ~ Bologna


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.


Echinocereus adustus SB72 Cosihuiriachi, Chih.

Turbinicarpus lophophorioides San Bartolome

Echinocereus  reichenbachii v. albispinus Troy, OK.

Epithelanta micromeris

Echinocereus bristolii var pseudopectinatus SB 463 Bisbee

Epithelantha micromeris var. unguispina

Epithelantha greggii SB1624 Santa Theresa, Coah.
E-mail flappy2@libero.it
Hi Valentino,
I sent you some photo of the plants that I have purchased from you because you insert them - if you believe - among the photos of your clients.



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