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Your plants (photos from collectors and friends)
By Paolo Conti

Italy ~ Bologna


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.


Sulcorebutia rauschi WR289 cv. violacidermis August 06 2003
Sulcorebutia rauschi WR289  violacidermis August 06 2003... ..the same in April-May 2003

Ephithelantha micromeris var. unguispina

Turbinicarpus lauii
v. tepozan
Paolos mix Pachypodium on my terrace
Cactus, Euphorbie, Pachypodium, ........ My_stones_painted_and_.....
Cactus, euphorbias, Pachipodiums,.... Painted stones: animals
Site Site: http://www.pbase.com/spike1955 
E-mail spyke55@libero.it
…..Send you an up to date photo (August 06 2003) of the grafted Sulcorebutia rauschii WR 289 cv violacidermis and a picture taken a few day after the purchase (sincerely I don't remember exacly when I bought it: about the end of April-beginning May2003?)   to let you see the growth that it has had…..  
The grafting stock is only partially hidden by lava gravel because' I don't trust to cover it with soil unless you don't tell me that the opuntia doesn't rot ....

Paolo Conti
A few plants from CACTS ART Nursry purchased in spring 2003 ..

Turbinicarpus rioverdensis


Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatus
dr. Arroyo


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