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Your plants (photos from collectors and friends)
By Zoltan Varga

My homepage: www.kaktuszgyujtok.hu


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.


Greetings from Hungary!

My name is Zoltan Varga, I live in Hungary. I have been collecting succulents for 20 years. I took part an botanical expedition in Peru in the autumn of 2005. We drove 4500 km across the Peruvian Andes during six weeks.

I made a photo-DVD from this travel. It includes about 4000 hi-res photos from Peruvian cacti and landscapes.
This DVD (and as a plus bonus my stone-roses photo collection) is orderable in my e-mail address: vargaz@piszkenet.hu 


    ▲Tephrocactus floccosus (Janahuanca-Alcacocha Peru)
    and Jozsef Békefi. (president of The Society of Hungarian Cactus-collectors)

In this page you can see a brief selection of photos (in small format) from the DVD.

Browningia candelaris
Nazca-Puquio 2100 m
A very old plant

Tephrocactus floccosus Between Yanahuanca-Alcacocha in Cordillera Central, near Cerro de Pasco. The hummingbird is

Browningia candelaris
The spination of young plant.

Oreocereus hendricksenianus forma at Nazca-Puquio 3400 m, Peru. Very rare plant with very extrem spination.

Austrocylindropuntia exaltata
Recuay 3450 m, Peru

Tephrocactus floccosus Janahuanca-Alcacocha Peru
Islaya omasensis
Rio Omas 800-900 m. It's very rare in collections.

Matucana haynei
in hail Cordillera Negra 4400 m

Matucana hystrix
Nazca-Puquio 3550 m

Tephrocactus atroviridis

Tarma - La Oroya 3950 m Peru

Tephrocactus hirschii
Nazca-Puquio 1480 m

Oroya neoperuviana
BVB 39.01
North of Acolla 4100 m.

Islaya bicolor
San Juan 300 m, Peru
See the "soil": Granite.

Tephrocactus kuenrichianus.
Rimac-valley 1260 m

Oroya borchersii
Cordillera Negra, SSW to Huaraz 4100-4200 m, Peru
  Photo & © copyright by Zoltán Varga
e-mail address: vargaz@piszkenet.hu
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