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(1) Spur [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names


  A slender,  tubular or saclike and Variously shaped hollow projection of the corolla, calyx, staminal filaments or other parts of a flower, often containing nectar.  
(2) Spur shoot [ Botany ]


Synonyms: Brachyblast
  This word also describes short, woody side shoots growing along the branches of some trees and shrubs such as Apples and Pears.  
  A spur is a short, axillary, densely crowded branchlet or shoot of limited growth, in which the internodes elongate little or at all, bearing reproductive structures and/or leaves; also termed a brachyblast . They are typical structures of gymnosperms but also found in several angiosperm families.  







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