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Truebred (Truebreed)  [ Genetics - Botany ]
Purebred (also: Purebreed) or Pedigreed

Dictionary of botanic terminology
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  Cultivated varieties or cultivars of a species, achieved through the process of selective breeding with identical alleles/genes for a trait (see homozygous).  
A truebreed , also called purebred or pedigreed is a cultivar of an organism of unmixed lineage (that is, with both parents of the same breed or strain) who, when mated with another purebred with the same characteristics, will always produce purebreds offspring with the same traits; genotypically, purebreds are homozygous.

Compare with: Mixed breed
Purebreeding or Truebreeding   [ Genetics ]
  Truebreeding is the mating of two purebred organism of the same breed.  
Compare with: Crossbreeding







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