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All the information and photos in cactus art files are now available also in the new the Enciclopedia of Cacti. We hope you find this new site informative and useful.


Rebutia pygmaea
(Syn: Mediolobivia haageii)

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of Cacti and Succulents.

Rebutia pygmaea  is a clumping plants with lots of dramatic, large pale-pink flowers from the lower stem.

Description: Very small clumping plants,
Stems:  Individual heads
short-cylindrical 2-4 cm wide, 4 cm tall, The colour of the epidermis vary from grey-green or olive-green to dark purple-green with violet tints.
Spines: Short glass-white.
Flowers: U
p to 3cm in diameter and usually salmon pink However the flowers of this species and its varieties (forms?) vary a lot and range from  from white to pink, red, salmon and orange.
Roots: tap root:

Note: Rebutia pygmaea is a widespread, extremely variable species that has received numerous unnecessary names.

Cultivation:  It is easy to grow and recommended for beginners. Prefer gritty, porous mix with a pH slightly on the acidic side. Full sun to light shade, Water regularly in summer but do not overwater (the root system is rot prone) and allow the pot to dry out between waterings. Keep dry in winter Hardy to -4C it will take low temperatures when dry and do require a winter rest period. This species will occupy a small flower pot comfortably and remain a manageable sized house plant.

Pest and disease: This plants are subject to mealy-bug attack and to fungus and rot problems brought about by overwatering and high humidity.

Note: It would appear that in cultivation they grow larger and cluster more vigorously than in habitat.

  seed or offsets.

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Family: Cactaceae (Cactus Family)

Scientific name:  Rebutia pygmaea  (R. E. Fries) Britton & Rose 1922

Origin:  Bolivia, Argentina

Habitat: They grow on steeply sloping ground where water rarely stands for any length of time

(This species has about 60 synonyms- some which don't really look like the same species)

  • Lobivia pygmaea
  • Mediolobivia pygmaea
  • Echinopsis pygmaea



Photo of conspecific taxa, varieties, forms and cultivars of Rebutia pygmaea .
(This taxon has lots of synonyms (like most Rebutia) whit several controversial varieties and subspecies):

Other synonyms for R. pygmaea
(Fries) Britton & Rose:
Digitorebutia haagei var. orurensis Rebutia orurensis
Lobivia pectinata
Digitorebutia haagei var. pectinata
Rebutia paucicostata
Rebutia pauciareolata
Rebutia pallida
Digitorebutia orurensis
Digitorebutia pectinata
Mediolobivia pectinata var. orurensis
Mediolobivia orurensis
Mediolobivia haagei var. pectinata
Lobivia orurensis
Lobivia atrovirens var. pseudoritteri
Rebutia odontopetala
Lobivia neo-haageana
Rebutia nazarenoensis
Rebutia pygmaea var. nazarenoensis
Lobivia haagei var. nazarenoensis
Mediolobivia haagei var. orurensis
Rebutia tafnaensis
Digitorebutia nazarenoensis
Lobivia atrovirens var.yuncharasensis
Rebutia yuncharasensis
Rebutia violascens
Lobivia pygmaea var. violaceostaminata
Rebutia tropaeolipicta
Rebutia villazonensis
Rebutia yuquinensis
Lobivia pygmaea var. polypetala
Lobivia pygmaea var. tafnaensis,
Lobivia haagei var. pelzliana
Rebutia salpingantha
Rebutia rutiliflora
Rebutia rosalbiflora
Rebutia atrovirens var. pseudoritteri,
Rebutia pseudoritteri
Rebutia polypetala
Rebutia peltzliana
Rebutia pelzliana
Rebutia torquata
Lobivia atrovirens
Rebutia crassa
Lobivia haagei var. crassa
Rebutia colorea
Rebutia canacruzensisMediolobivia atrovirens
Mediolobivia haagei var. atrovirens
Digitorebutia haagei var. atrovirens, Rebutia pygmaea
Lobivia digitiformis
Digitorebutia atrovirens
Lobivia haagei var. elegantula
Rebutia atrovirens
Rebutia amblypetala
Rebutia rosalbiflora var. amblypetala
Mediolobivia pygmaea
Lobivia pygmaea
Echinopsis pygmaea
Rebutia mudanensis
Rebutia violaceostaminata
Mediolobivia pectinata var. atrovirens
Mediolobivia haagei
Rebutia mixticolor
Rebutia mixta
Rebutia lanosiflora
Lobivia pygmaea var. knizei
Rebutia knizei
Rebutia iscayachensis,
Rebutia iridescens
Lobivia atrovirens var. haefneriana
Mediolobivia haefneriana
Rebutia diersiana
Rebulobivia haagei
Digitorebutia haagei
Rebutia haagei,
Acantholobivia haagei
Rebutia gracilispina
Rebutia friedrichiana
Rebutia eos
Rebutia haagei var. elegantula
Rebutia elegantula
Rebutia haefneriana
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All the information and photos in cactus art files are now available also in the new the Enciclopedia of Cacti. We hope you find this new site informative and useful.